ADI Services specialize in custom connector designs. Our engineering staff has decades of experience designing connectors for manufacturability and high reliability. ADIís in-house tool and die facility is equipped with state of the art EDM equipment, surface grinders and milling machines that allow for rapid prototyping and hard tooling to meet your tight schedule, while controlling costs. Our mold maker has more than 25 years of experience assuring that your project comes in ahead of time and within budget. The in-house lab facilities are equipped to provide qualification, acceptance and testing services.

Lab Facilities/Equipment

Altitude Immersion Dielectric withstanding Resistance to Soldering
Probe Damage Voltage Heat
Immersion Cable Retention Contact Pin Strength
Barometric Pressure Insulation Resistance Solderability
Moisture Resistance Contact Engagement Insert Retention
Thermal Shock Separation Force Fluid Immersion
Temperature Cycling Contact Retention
High Frequency Vibration Humidity, Vibration Mating & Unmating Force
Vibration Shock, Durability Force
Terminal Strength Salt Spray Contact Insertion
Random Vibration Oversized Pin Exclusion Removal Force
Resistance to Solvents Maintenance Aging Resistance to Test
Visual & Mechanical
Contact Resistance Probe Damage