Products MIL-DTL-24308

The ADI D-Sub connector is available in a variety of basic shell sizes and pin-outs. Standard shell sizes are 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 positions. Contacts are available in 20 AWG solder-pot, crimp or printed circuit contacts and intermate with MIL-DTL-24308 connectors.

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  • Standard contact termination accommodates 20 AWG wire at 5 Amps.
  • Shells: Steel, cadmium plated with yellow chromate supplementary coating.
  • Insulators: Commercial/Military Green polyester per MIL-M-24519
  • Contacts: Non-Removable and Removable
  • Pins copper alloy, gold over nickel plate.
  • Sockets phosphor bronze, gold over nickel plate.
  • Float mounting available
  • Rivets and Washers: Stainless Steel
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    Mechanical Features

  • Coupling: Friction and Locking Accessories
  • Polarization: Keystone shaped shells
  • Contact type: Captivated
  • Termination: Solder pot, crimp removable and printed circuit (including right-angle)
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    Electrical Performance Data
  • Wire Size: 20 AWG
  • Current Rating: 5 amps
  • Voltage Rating: 1250 VAC at sea level 375 VAC at 70,000 feet
  • Voltage Drop: 20 AWG contacts: 55mV Max initial and 65 mV Max after corrosion at 7.5amps (when tested in accordance with MIL-C-24308, Paragraph 4.7.10.)
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